Boosting diversity in non-profit boardrooms

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Boosting diversity in non-profit boardrooms

Boosting diversity in non-profit boardrooms

Published on July 4, 2015
Jeremiah Rodriguez, The Hamilton Spectator

Minority communities in Hamilton have grown over the past several decades, but that growth hasn’t been seen in boardrooms of non-profit and government agencies.

One new program is looking to change that. DiverseCity onBoard is an agency aiming to train and match visible minorities and under-represented communities with non-profit boards.

Two weeks ago, the program started looking for recruits to fill a roster for leadership seminars, networking events, governance training and generally teaching how to effectively participate as board members.

But the official launch will be in September.

“The program finds and screens potential board members in the communities who are qualified and gives them governance training,” said Yohana Otite, program manager of DiverseCity onBoard Hamilton.

Otite says many members of minority communities want to join boards, but they just don’t know how.

Likewise, non-profits want to make their boards more diverse to get a wider net of perspectives, but they don’t know where to find appropriate people, she adds.

“So we want to be the middle organization that makes those connections and makes it a reality for them (non-profits).”

Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion (HCCI), a non-profit that strives for more civic participation among Hamiltonians, is a local community partner with DiverseCity.

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