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Diversity Portal Launches at Ryerson University

Introducing the New One Stop Shop for Services offered to the Diverse Population of the GTA The Diversity Institute at Ryerson University introduces the Diversity Portal, a project that provides diverse communities with an up-to-date list of relevant community organizations and social services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The portal will link individuals and …


Rani Pooran – resilient, strategic and adaptable

“I found the DiverseCity onBoard program really fantastic in terms of highlighting opportunities and connecting me.” After working in the UK for a few years, Rani Pooran returned to Canada and needed to rebuild her network. DiverseCity onBoard played a role in helping her do that: “The board appointments I had were really good for …


Does your nonprofit board fall short? You’re not alone

A new survey shows many boards lack the skills and engagement to effectively oversee organizations. In Fall 2014, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, in collaboration with BoardSource and GuideStar, surveyed 924 directors of nonprofit organizations about the composition, structure, and practices of their boards. The survey revealed a significant minority are: unsure of their …


2015 Sport4All Sport & Diversity Summit – May 23, 2015

SPORT4ONTARIO is hosting the 2015 Sport4All Sport and Diversity Summit at the 519 Community Centre in Toronto on Saturday, May 23, 2015. The Summit seeks to provide opportunities for leaders and members of the community involved with sport and physical activity to convene and discuss strategies to foster diversity and inclusivity in Ontario’s sport sector. …


Waiter, Is That Inclusion in My Soup?

(originally posted on the Global Diversity Exchange (GDX) blog) Billed as “A New Recipe to Improve Business Performance” this 2012 report from Australia charts new territory on business performance, re-orienting organizations from their preoccupation with diversity to the equally critical complement of inclusion. Published by the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission in partnership …


Governance training means never having to say you don’t know what you don’t know

Jini Stolk, Chair of Ontario Nonprofit Network, discusses the importance of governance training. Bringing diversity onto boards is important to enhance the discussion and decision-making for an organization. Ensuring that board members are not only knowledgeable about their communities and the organization, but also about being a board member, is also essential. For Jini, each …


You can’t fulfill your mission if you don’t have diversity in leadership

Scott Haldane, President & CEO of YMCA Canada, reflects on the impact DiverseCity onBoard has had on making their board more effective. YMCA Canada changed their bylaws in order to actively recruit board members from outside of the YMCA network. Four new board members have come on board, representing not only Canada’s diversity, but, importantly, …


Lack of care results in company directors jailed, corporation fined

The duty of care is a principal duty of board directors and for which they may be held personally responsible for non-compliance. In the case below two corporate directors were charged with failing as directors of New Mex Canada Inc. to take reasonable care that the corporation complied with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. …


DiverseCity onBoard in Vancouver – bridging two solitudes

Just as our success is based on our amazing candidates, our partners amplify the call for better leadership in local Canadian communities. One of our partners, The Laurier Institution, is leading that change in Vancouver. Executive Director Bill Walters explains why bringing DiverseCity onBoard to Vancouver is so important: “I’ve had the opportunity to meet …


The power of community passion

“When I arrived, my foreign qualifications were not recognized here, and I had to do a lot of work to get recognition. Once I got settled, I wanted to contribute back to the community. But when I wanted to apply, there was no process for those who were foreign qualified.” Ranil Mendis epitomizes the talent …

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