Board Governance Fundamentals: Series 1

Board Governance Fundamentals: Series 1

Board Governance Training Series 1 offers high quality and accessible governance training for individuals to become more effective board members in areas including: Board Essentials, Legal Roles & Responsibilities, Finance Fundamentals, Commitment to Diversity, Strategic Planning, Risk Management, and Resource Development. This course is mandatory for all candidates in the board matching program.

Course Overview

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Board Essentials

  • The context of the not-for-profit sector
  • Board life cycles, models and best practices
  • Board roles and responsibilities
  • Board meeting process and member participation
  • Tools and resources to support learners in their board position

Legal Roles & Responsibilities

  • The legal obligations and issues of being a board member
  • The rights and powers of a board of directors and individual board members
  • Board composition
  • The legal considerations and liabilities of board members
  • Understanding insurance

Finance Fundamentals

  • The role of boards, organizations, and board members in relation to finance
  • Finance related roles and committees
  • Budget planning and analysis
  • Interpretation of financial statements and budgets
  • How to assess the financial health of the organization

Commitment to Diversity

  • Foundational understanding of the importance of diversity on boards
  • The dimensions of diversity and inclusion
  • The business case for diversity
  • Board member roles in promoting diversity
  • Understanding of cultural competence, tokenism, generalization, minimization, and the culture of a board

Risk Management

  • Understanding risk
  • The role of the board in managing risk
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Structures and processes for managing risk
  • Risk classification and tolerance

Strategic Planning

  • Understanding and developing an organization’s purpose and impact
  • A strategic planning process and the tools to develop a strategic plan
  • Methods for implementing the strategic plan
  • Roles of the board and the executives in developing and implement the plan

Resource Development

  • Context and challenges of resource development
  • Key principles and concepts of effective resource development
  • Success through a planning process
  • Role of the board to support and enhance resource development

Course Details


  • $250 per individual
  • Bulk rate (10+) = $200 per individual


  • Ongoing access to 7 online self-paced courses
  • Bonus course: Embedding Diversity and Inclusion into an Organization
  • Ongoing access to supplementary online governance training  webinars. Learn more about our webinar series.

Enrollment:  Ongoing. Register anytime, from anywhere.

Prerequisites: None required, this course is suitable for both emerging and experienced board directors.

Hours: 10-12 hrs

Course Type: Online

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“The self-paced online classroom technology was flexible and convenient, easy to use, and supports the learning experience”

“Critical information for a nonprofit board”

“Described in plain language the dimensions of diversity and inclusion an its importance in effective board governance”

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