Opportunity for the GTA

Opportunity for the GTA

Diversity is Our Strength” (City of Toronto, 1998)

  • In 2006, visible minorities comprised 40% of the GTA population, and only 16.2% of Canada’s population
  • Approximately 43.8% of Canadian visible minorities reside in the GTA
  • Across the GTA, visible minorities represent 50% of Peel’s population; 47% of Toronto’s population; 37% of York’s population; and 17% and 13% of Durham’s and Halton’s population, respectively
  • In 2006, the top five visible minority groups were South Asian (12%), Chinese (11.4%), Black (8.4%), Filipino (4.1%) and Latin American (2.6%)
  • In Toronto, a greater proportion of visible minorities face higher unemployment rates than non-visible minorities, although higher proportions of visible minorities are university educated
  • In addition, visible minorities in Toronto earn less than non-visible minorities in Toronto

The GTA plays a pivotal role to the Canadian economy. It is also one of the most richly diverse communities in the world. There is enormous potential to take advantage of diversity. It begins with leadership and representation.

To find out more on the sources and statistics behind these facts, download Ryerson University’s Diversity Institute report.

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