Under-Representation in Leadership

Under-Representation in Leadership

As globalization, technological change, collective human experiences and advances in knowledge drive human societies in the 21st century, how successfully Canada continues to manage the challenges of diversity will have an important bearing on the social and economic success of Canada, the quality of our communities and the success of our corporations” (RBC, 2005).

  • Visible minorities are under-represented in leadership roles
  • In 2005, only 44% of corporate boards had a minimum of one visible minority director
  • In 2006, 7.8% of all Members of Parliament were visible minorities
  • In 2005, 7.8% all Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament were visible minorities

While we have very little recent data — our project will help paint a clearer picture – and take steps to improve it – 1999 employment equity data also tells us:

  • 0.8% of Fire Chiefs are visible minorities
  • 3% of Police Chiefs
  • 4% of Judges
  • 5% of lawyers and Quebec notaries
  • 5% of secondary school teachers
  • 4% of elementary school teachers

To find out more on the sources and statistics behind these facts, download Ryerson University’s Diversity Institute report.

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