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  • DiverseCity onBoard’s matching database is designed to connect you, the nonprofit or charitable organization, or an agency of the municipal, provincial and federal government with screened, qualified, and trained individuals who are ready to serve in various roles on your governance boards and committees today.

    Our system allows you to create your organizational profile, post your board vacancies, and then generates matches based on your criteria and requirements.

    Why board diversity?

    A board that reflects the diversity of people it serves is seen as more authentic and responsive to community needs. Research has also shown that diverse leadership within communities tends to improve social cohesion, enhances the sense of belonging and ensures more civic participation, which in turn leads to healthier communities and more effective organizations.

    More diversity equals better governance. Diversifying a nonprofit or public board has clear advantages.

    The program has facilitated more than 700 board appointments and over 650 organizations and 1,700 individuals are registered on its database. Over 1,450 board positions have been posted so far. In 2011, the program was recognized as a leader in its field with an Intercultural Innovation Award by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the BMW Group.

  • Here is how your board position gets matched:

    • Sign on through our online system for training and matching here.
    • Access our unique online training platform “Embedding Principles of Diversity and Inclusion into your Governance Policies, Practices and Approaches.” This training can be taken by anyone on your senior leadership team or board.
    • Once you have completed this module, our system will allow you to post board vacancies, competencies and qualifications.
    • Our system will then generate the best matches for you based on candidate profiles in the database and allow you to view the profiles and resumes of these individuals
    • You can then contact the individuals directly and engage with them through your own review and selection process.
    • Should you make an appointment through our database or otherwise, you must contact us so that we can remove the vacancy from our system.
    • You can also contact your local DiverseCity onBoard organization to generate a custom-search.
    • In addition, we encourage you to attend local events which will enable you to keep up to date on issues and trends in governance and network you with candidates.
  • The DiverseCity onBoard board matching service for organizations is for any nonprofit, charitable organization or public agency, board or commission operating in one of our network cities.

    If your organization is not eligible but you still want access to our services, please contact us directly.

  • Fees for Organizations

    Board Matching and Governance Training Subscription:

    Fee: $200 to $500 annually, depending on the size of the organization’s operating budget.


    • Board Matching, a ready pool of pre-screened, qualified individuals from which boards can select potential board members, address skill gaps, and increase diversity all at the same time
    • My onBoard– a “smarter” state of art and user-friendly board-matching database which will give you a listing of the best possible matches for your open board positions and allow candidates to apply to your open positions.
    • In person events such as board matching mixers, panel discussions and networking events.
    • A course on Embedding Diversity in Organizations developed specifically for boards to assist you to maximize the benefits of diversity on boards and throughout your organization
    • Webinars – Don’t miss our webinar series ‘Effective Board Governance’ – free for member boards!
    • The DiverseCity onBoard Governance Training Certificate offering self-paced, affordable, quality on-line governance training to anyone, anywhere. These individual courses are available to your board members for a reduced fee of $150.


    Governance Training Only Subscription:

    Fee: $250 per Board Member/Staff


    Additional offerings:

    • Personalized recruiting assistance for three months: $300


    Contact us if fees will inhibit your participation.

Organizations – Find board members