Governance Training

Governance Training

  • Board Governance Training: Series 1

    Board Governance Fundamentals

    Board Governance Training Series 1 offers high quality and accessible governance training for individuals to become more effective board members in areas including: Board Essentials, Legal Roles & Responsibilities, Finance Fundamentals, Commitment to Diversity, Strategic Planning, Risk Management, and Resource Development.

    $250 (1 time purchase)


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    Board Governance Training: Series 2

    Effective Governance through the Stages

    Board Governance Training Series 2 offers practical strategies for board governance through the stages: Board Recruitment, Diverse Perspectives, Chair-CEO Relations, Board Engagement, Overseeing Financial Risk, and Reputational Risk.

    $250 (1 time purchase)


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    Inclusive Leadership in Governance Course

    This course focuses on strengthening the capacity of community-centred primary health care organization boards in equity, diversity, and inclusion

    $200 (1 time purchase)


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    Embedding Diversity and Inclusion into an Organization

    This course is designed for public and not-for-profit organizations seeking to incorporate diversity and inclusion into their governing boards. This course is included in the board matching package for all boards subscribed to the board matching program.


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    Unconscious Bias and the Board

    Coming in 2018, stay tuned!