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  • The DiverseCity onBoard board matching service is for visible minorities and underrepresented immigrants so that their systemic underrepresentation on nonprofit boards and public agencies, boards and commissions of the municipal, provincial and federal governments can be redressed.

    Why should this interest you?

    Serving on a board gives individuals from visible minority and underrepresented immigrant communities the opportunity to engage at a senior level. Boards become a forum to cultivate new personal and professional networks. Moreover, DiverseCity onBoard provides training in governance through an online learning campus supplemented by in-person discussions and events.

    In less than a decade, the program has evolved to become the “go-to” program for diverse individuals and organizations seeking diverse leadership. You always wanted to give back to society. Here’s your chance to.

    The program has facilitated more than 750 board appointments and over 650 organizations and 1,700 individuals are registered on its database. Over 1,450 board positions have been posted so far. In 2011, the program was recognized as a leader in its field with an Intercultural Innovation Award by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the BMW Group.

    The program is now available in cities across Canada including Metro Vancouver, Calgary, Hamilton, Ottawa, London, the Greater Toronto Area and Montreal.

  • If you are eligible, these are the steps you must take to participate in the program:

    Stage One: Registration and Training 

    • Register online here to participate in the program. You will be asked to fill out an online form which will help us gain an understanding of your profile, your interests and competencies.
    • Based on where you are located (seven cities (Calgary, Hamilton, London & Area, Metro Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa) are participating) you will be contacted by the participating local organization and scheduled for an interview. This will help us further fill in any gaps in our understanding and complete a fuller profile for you.
    • You must then take the online governance training of seven modules here. You can do this at your own pace, in your own home. Once you have completed the training, an online completion certificate will be issued to you.  You now have access to the board matching service.
    • Hurrah! Stage one is now complete.


    Stage Two: Matching and follow-up 

    At this stage, you will be able to view available board vacancies and postings, as well as a ranked list of opportunities that have been matched to your profile, experience, and interests.

    You will be able to bookmark these positions, or communicate directly with the organization through DiverseCity onBoard either by applying to positions of interest, or requesting additional information via email.

    • Also at this stage, organizations will be able to view your profile and resume and, if they are interested in you as a potential candidate they may contact you..
    • In some cases you may be asked to fill out an application form for the particular vacancy. In this case you will deal directly with the board or public agency in question.
    • Once a board has contacted you, or once you have filled out any additional application forms, we encourage you very strongly to inform your local Diversecity onBoard organization. We may be able to offer additional advice and support.
    • Once you have been appointed (and this may take some time) you must circle back to DiverseCity onBoard and update your profile and modify it to indicate availability or non-availability for further appointments.
    • In addition, you will be periodically invited to local events that focus on governance, such as panel discussions or networking events. We encourage you to attend these as often as you can.
  • The DiverseCity onBoard board matching service for individuals is for visible minorities and underrepresented immigrants.

    For any questions or clarification regarding our eligibility criteria, please view our FAQs, or do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Fees for Individuals

    Board Matching and Governance Training Subscription:

    Fee: $250 Sign up + $75 Annually


    • Board Matching through My onBoard – a “smart” state of the art and user-friendly board matching database which will match you to open board positions posted by a wide variety of organizations and allow you to apply to them directly
    • The DiverseCity onBoard Governance Training Certificate offering 7 online self-paced, interactive, and quality board competencies created by subject matter experts. Read the course overview and meet the faculty.
    • Webinars and Case Studies – Access to supplementary online governance training sessions. Learn more about our Webinar Series.
    • In person events – Board matching mixers, panel discussions and networking events.


    Contact us if fees will inhibit your participation.

Candidates – Join a board