What to Know Before You Join a Board: Effective Strategies for Emerging Board Directors

Webinar: What to Know Before You Join a Board –
Effective Strategies for Emerging Board Directors

Serving on a board provides you with unique opportunities to develop or enhance your leadership skills, get involved in your community, use competencies outside of the workplace, and develop or expand new professional and personal networks. Yet, beforeyou begin your board governance journey, it is important to ask the right questions that will position you for success. For example:

  • Does the organization’s vision and mission align with your passion and interests?
  • Do you have the governance competencies to serve on a board?
  • What experiences and skill sets do you bring to the board?

In this episode of DiverseCity onBoard’s Effective Governance Webinar Series guest speakers Catriona Le May Doan, O.C.(Sport Calgary), Avnish Mehta (Calgary Public Library), Catherine Halkett (CH Not for Profit Consulting) and Virginia Clark (City of Calgary) shared their personal experiences serving on boards, what to consider before applying, and effective strategies for getting that board position.

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