Who’s in Charge?

Webinar: Who’s in Charge?

This webinar on Effective Governance: Who’s in Charge? features Robin Cardozo, COO of SickKids Foundation and vice-chair of Ontario Nonprofit Network and Mary Jo Haddad, former Chair of MaRS Innovation and past President and CEO of SickKids Hospital, sharing knowledge and insights into Board Chair and CEO roles and relationships. The interactive discussion is moderated by Ratna Omidvar, Executive Director, Global Diversity Exchange, Ted Rogers School of Management.


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5:17 – The Board Chair and the CEO or Executive Director each have clear and explicit roles, so who’s in charge?
11:10 – Key personal characteristics and skills that Board Chairs and CEOs or EDs must have to enhance their partnership and work effectively with the board and management
18:15 – Examples of some of the potential downfalls of a poor Chair/CEO relationship on a board.
26:58 – Differences between navigating Chair/CEO relationships in corporate and nonprofit sectors.
33:23 – How might the Board Chair and CEO roles differ in emerging, maturing and matured organizations?
39:53 – Audience Q&A
53:16 – Final Tips & Takeaways